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We Take Your Smile Seriously

At Align Orthodontics, we’re obsessed with awesome smiles.

We work hard to give you the best care around by paying attention to the small details, providing top-notch customer service, and offering a warm, inviting atmosphere.

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Comprehensive Treatment

We pay attention to every aspect of your developing smile so it comes out beautiful and healthy, every time.

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Flexible Financing

You shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a smile. We offer custom payment plans that fit your family’s budget.

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Orthodontics for All Ages

If you’re in or around Noblesville or Tipton, you deserve an amazing smile — no matter your age.

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Meet Dr. Patrick Kunkel

Dr. Kunkel channels a lifelong passion for improving whatever he can find to give you the best smile you could ask for.

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Meet Dr. Charee Campbell Condict

Dr. Condict is an academically-rigorous orthodontic expert. She leverages that deep understanding of the craft for her amazing Tipton and Noblesville patients.

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Meet Dr. Kara Smith

Dr. Smith has loved orthodontics since an early restorative treatment changed her life. See how she can change yours.

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Options for Every Smile

At Align Orthodontics, we offer the most advanced, modern treatments available.

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Clear Aligners

See why these wires-free, removable wonders have become more and more popular over the years.

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Metal Braces

Forget what you thought you knew about braces — Damon self-ligating braces are faster, more lightweight, and more effective than ever before.

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Clear Braces

Looking for a powerful treatment that won’t stand out? Clear braces could be the perfect solution.

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