Powerful & Reliable

If you need braces but don’t want to shine when you smile, consider clear ceramic braces from Align Orthodontics. See us at our Noblesville and Tipton offices for this subtle yet powerful treatment.

Elevate Your Smile
With Ceramic Brackets

Imagine a world where achieving a stunning smile doesn't involve conspicuous hardware. Clear ceramic braces can bring your orthodontic journey to a whole new level of elegance and confidence.

These modern marvels allow you to confidently straighten your teeth while keeping the spotlight on your smile, not your braces. Dr. Condict, Dr. Kunkel, and Dr. Smith use these ceramic brackets in the same way as their metal counterparts, but the clear look joins you as your discreet companion on the path to orthodontic excellence.

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Subtle & Strong

Let's dive into the science behind your future smile. Clear braces are a harmonious blend of subtlety and strength.

Crafted from translucent ceramic material, they seamlessly merge with your natural tooth color, becoming virtually invisible to the casual observer. This means you can bid farewell to the self-consciousness that sometimes accompanies traditional braces.


Effective Enough for Your Orthodontic Issues

Whether it's aligning your bite, resolving crowding, or tackling gaps, clear braces have got your back. Our expert orthodontists carefully position each brace for optimal comfort and results.

Your personalized treatment plan ensures that every adjustment brings you closer to the flawless smile you've envisioned. These orthodontic marvels are versatile, capable of addressing a wide range of smile imperfections.

Dr. Condict, Dr. Kunkel, and Dr. Smith know just how to do this with precision and finesse, giving you the confidence to show off your straighter smile.

Benefits of Clear Braces

Let's talk perks – and there are plenty. First and foremost, the discreet design of clear ceramic braces lets you shine naturally.

Whether you're posing for a selfie or chatting with friends, your smile takes center stage, not your braces. Embrace a new level of self-assurance as you transform your smile in style.

But that's not all. Clear braces don't just look great; they're comfortable too. The ceramic material is gentle on your mouth, minimizing irritation.

Plus, our orthodontic experts ensure that each brace is strategically placed for maximum effectiveness. With clear braces, you're getting the best of both worlds.

A closeup of a caucasian girl's clear ceramic orthodontic braces as she smiles.

Metal Vs. Ceramic

You might be wondering: "Should I go for metal or clear braces?" While both options are fantastic, clear ceramic braces add an element of discretion that traditional metal braces can't match.

The choice ultimately depends on your lifestyle, preferences, and treatment goals. During your consultation, Dr. Condict, Dr. Kunkel, or Dr. Smith will guide you toward the option that aligns perfectly with your needs.

Great for Adults

Clear braces work best for adults and older teens around Noblesville and Tipton because the ceramic brackets are more fragile compared to strong metal ones.

Whether you're a professional, student, or someone who simply prefers a subtler approach to orthodontics, clear ceramic braces could be your ideal match. It's all about embracing the path that resonates with you.

Talk to Align About Clear Braces

Ready to embark on a journey to a breathtaking smile that's as discreet as it is dazzling? At Align Orthodontics, we want to join you as your partner in this transformative experience.

Contact us now to schedule your free consultation and learn how ceramic braces can redefine your smile. Dr. Condict, Dr. Kunkel, and Dr. Smith are ready to make your dream smile a reality — with a stylish and graceful look.